Netflix isn’t any complete stranger to high-concept, completely bonkers fact tv shows

Netflix isn’t any complete stranger to high-concept, completely bonkers fact tv shows

James the Beaver

James may be the primary contestant in occurrence 2. He spends his 30-minute occurrence selecting between three feminine contestants, most of whom go through wonderful changes to protect her real selves. For James, we discover that he is a lab professional based in L. A., Ca. He’s a charming, positive man whom touts their distinctive build as an additional benefit regarding wooing a potential adore interest.

The change James undergoes before they can meet their three adore interests is one the generally seems to fit his personality. For his episode, James are converted into a beaver. What this means is placing James in a brown-haired wig and furry nose and mouth mask. Their face is extra-fuzzy, which may convince their enjoy interests to get flirty by petting them. Naturally, those exact same enjoy passion must seem at night big beaver teeth James is furnished with, also. Will those larger chompers keep James from finding true-love?

Amber the Pixie

1st enjoy interest we meet in Episode 2 was emerald. Per Delaney’s voiceover introduction, emerald comes from new york and currently acts for the army. Amber discloses in her introduction that this lady has been unmarried for a long period and doesn’t day that frequently. But she’s accompanied the “sensuous Beasts” shed wishing to transform this dried out spell. Within her terminology, she is “ready for a boyfriend” and is also passionate to generally meet the man she is aspiring to woo.

But could Amber woo James the Beaver through all of the makeup products and prosthetics she’s fond of rotate the girl from an attractive girl into an otherworldly pixie? Throughout Episode 2, we come across Amber matchmaking James while wearing a cartoonishly large blue-and-purple wig, plus prosthetics on the nostrils and ears to elongate them so they see unnaturally pointy. Amber is also covered in blue face paint and has eyebrows painted on into super-high arches. Moreover, the blue make-up on the face can found on the neck, shoulders, and hands to help furthermore confuse her correct character.

Alexis the Leopard

The next girl searching for adore on “sensuous Beasts” event 2 are Alexis, a laws scholar and singer residing nyc. Alexis is actually a feisty contestant, which should keep James on his toes in their opportunity with each other. In her own introduction, she shares that the New York City internet dating scene has-been nothing but disappointing. As a result, she is decided to check out the unusual internet dating technique of putting on incredible fantasy make-up to find some genuine enjoy.

These are makeup, Alexis is made to look like a humanoid leopard. She brings down wearing a leopard mask better, with added beauty products put around the girl sight to ensure they are appear more feline. And this lady spectacular, noticed leopard head, Alexis wears a-deep V-neck T-shirt for the majority of of this occurrence, which supplies the “hot Beasts” make-up department using chance to manage her neck and upper body with makeup resembling a leopard’s fur and areas.

Tamiko the Zombie

The next girl in search of an adore experience of James the Beaver is actually Tamiko. Hailing from San Francisco, Tamiko is actually a blond-haired California lady exactly who focuses primarily on using the services of drone development. She is a self-described “serial first dater,” and continues on to show that she will be able to press in to four earliest times in a single times before whittling the woman internet dating swimming pool right down to some men at any time. Could James become finally earliest time Tamiko provides?

To figure this on, Tamiko will need to attract James while wear some really terrifying cosmetics. The bay area drone whiz transforms into a zombie on “sensuous Beasts,” and it is offered blue-skinned prosthetics that change their into a bald babe. Flesh-colored flecks of bone and body is seen from all sides of Tamiko’s head, with a particularly large piece of rotting epidermis still attached with one cheek. Rounding-out this appearance tend to be wisps of tresses, creating Tamiko a really persuading dream zombie.

Kariselle the Panda

Nj local Kariselle is the biggest contestant on “gorgeous Beasts” Episode 3. Kariselle is the concept of vivacious and she candidly describes the lady character to whoever will listen. The girl outgoing character definitely assists the girl as a pageant girl and a specialist party motivator, aforementioned which kinda sounds like an aspiration job if you query all of us. Kariselle additionally will make it identified during the woman schedules that she’s prepared to settle down, see married, the whole nine yards. Will she be able to see a match that is additionally prepared to mate for lifetime?

Kariselle’s energy bursts through this lady panda prosthetics, which manage their mind and throat for some of Episode 3. the woman improvement mainly is made from using a furry, panda-patterned headpiece entirely with small, furry black-ears and a lovable panda nostrils. Kariselle furthermore wears black-eye makeup products around the lady sight to aid obscure the lady correct identification.